Yoga classes

To select the class that is appropriate for you, please read the information on the many different classes that are given weekly at the center (beginners, intermediate, advanced, senior’s class, pregnancy, medical, children etc.)

For pricing information, see the costs menu selection.

If you decide to come to a lesson it is important to note:

  • try to be present in the class five minutes before the lesson starts
  • inform the teacher (although they will most certainly recognize you as a beginner) that it is your first lesson (ever/at the center/in this yoga style). Also inform the teacher of injuries, pregnancy or complaints you may have.
  • if you are pregnant you are allowed to take the pregnancy classes or normal classes after 13 weeks of pregnancy.
  • all the material you may need during the class (mats, blocks, ropes, foam pads etc.) is available at the center.
  • wear comfortable clothing, shorts are recommended. Shoes or socks are not allowed in the lessons.
  • bring a towel.
  • Do not hesitate to inform the teacher about problems or complaints that may occur during the lesson. Do not wait until after the class, never be afraid to ask for attention during the class.

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