Class schedule & fees

General Info

  • Lessons are OPEN and do not have to be booked.
  • In therapeutic lessons instruction will be given in the appropriate language.
  • Please ensure that you arrive BEFORE the start of the class.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and bring a towel to class.
  • The class schedule is available in the DOWNLOAD section on your right.
  • The time table is subject to change without notice.
  • Please also observe the updated class schedules during holiday seasons!

Class fees

There are three different tariffs. All tariffs apply to one lesson a week. It is possible to follow more lessons per week, for each tariff, by purchasing a strip card or pass-partout. At each attendence the card must be signed off. In principal you may attend as many lessons as you wish.

The Tariff Levels

A - Level 1, 2, 3: lessons of 1 1/2 hours duration
B - Level 4, 5: lessons of 2 hour duration
C - Trial lesson or trial month of 4 lessons to a maximum extension of 3 trial months of 13 lessons in total.

No refund or extension on class and workshop fees.


  • in case of an illness or accident by presenting a medical certificate the class card can be extended
  • by buying a new 10 class or unlimited card, the expired card can then still be used within the new timeframe of the new card purchased.

Unused cards lose their validity after 6 months of expiration date.

See the Downloads page for the rates.

Bank information:
BKS Iyengar Yoga Institute Amsterdam
IBAN: NL80INGB0006431523

KvK: 60153318
BTW: NL023.46.15.643.B.01