Prenatal course

Iyengar Yoga with its active and dynamic quality helps women remain healthy and fit throughout their pregnancy. Since pregnancy is a period of constant change, the yoga course encourages women to ride that change and to explore their transformative powers.

The weekly classes focus on developing body awareness, better posture and alignment in all the joints, more space for the growing fetus and for the mother’s vital organs, a healthy balance between flexibility and strength, fuller breathing capacity and control, and the ability to relax and to stay in the present moment.

There is a partner class one every quarter. The partners are welcome to join in and learn how they can support their women in an active birth situation.

The course can be joined at any time of the year and at any stage of pregnancy, starting from the 13th week.
This also applies for taking regular classes at the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Amsterdam.

Single pregnancy class: €20,-
5 class pregnancy card: €80,-
10 class pregnancy card: €140,-

Class timings and registration
The class is on Tuesday evening from 20:00-21:30. Pre-registration is required before joining, please e-mail for further information.

Missed classes can be recuperated by joining any of the regular classes, with a preference for these three: Monday morning at 10.15 (Mumtaz), Monday evening at 20:15 (Delilah) or Friday lunch at 12:00 (Daniela). This can be done also after delivery but only within the first FOUR months after one’s due date.

Classes are taught in English and Dutch.

* Classes/class cards are non refundable.


photos by Christiaan Krop